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Parshat Terumah – תרומה

The Cherubs – הַכְּרֻבִים

Our Sages explain that
the Hebrew word for cherub: כְּרוּב
is from Aramaic and means “as a baby.”
The cherubs had baby faces
which represents innocence
and the loving touch of their wings
reflects the epitome
of pure, innocent love and harmony
between G-d and the Jewish people.
When this love was disrupted
the “faces” of the cherubs
would change
and become fearful and angry.
The “changing faces”
is the theme of my Dialogue series

Source: Parshat Terumah – תרומה


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Parshat Mishpatim – משפטים

Source: Parshat Mishpatim – משפטים

They saw a vision of the
God of Israel and under His feet
something like a sapphire brick
like the essence of a clear blue sky.
לִבְנַת הַסַּפִּיר וּכְעֶצֶם הַשָּׁמַיִם לָטֹהַר

G-d’s “bricklaying” was in empathy
with suffering of the Jews in Egypt
who were forced to build the pyramids,

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Parshat Yitro – יתרו

When the revelation of the receiving of the Torah occurred, Mount Sinai was aflame along with the hearts and souls of the Jewish eople.

The Secret of the Alef
The #Alef is the other-wordly letter
whose unique form is a diagonal
which implies transcendence
beyond the vertical line of hieararchy
and the horizontal of total equality.
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Source: Parshat Yitro – יתרו

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Parshat Bo – בא

Visualizing the Last Three Plagues: The Locusts, Darkness, Slaying of First Born

as well as Video Art on Pesach

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Source: Parshat Bo – בא