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Parshat Miketz – מקץ

The secrets of Efraiyim and Menasheh

Source: Parshat Miketz – מקץ


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The Lights of Chanukah

A Lamp of G-d Is a Man’s Soul:
Video Kabbalah Meditations on the Lights of Chanukah
in eight modules of 4-5 minutes
for a total of 36 minutes.

A video art composition based on
special effects and feedback interface
with the actual burning lights
of the Chanukah menorah
but having an artistic and universal relevance
not restricted
to the Jewish holiday alone or a Jewish audience.
Some low definition samples from the composition
(with a sound track) are available on YouTube:

Source: The Lights of Chanukah

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Parshat VaYishlach – וישלח

Jacob Wrestling With Angel

When Yakov (Jacob) crossed the Yabok River,
which has deep mystical implications.
he encountered the Angel of Eisav (Esau),
with whom he wrestled the entire night
of the symbolic Galut גלות
and mundane consciousness.
At the redeeming “Dawn” גאולה
the Angel conceded
the battle and from then on
Jacob was called Israel ישראל
(which can be read in Hebrew,
ישר א-ל Direct to G-d)
the highest spiritual connection.
(Genesis 32:26

Source: Parshat VaYishlach – וישלח

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Parshat VaYeizei – ויצא

Jacob’s Ladder

The fabulous ladder dream of Yakov (Jacob)
is a paradigm for the act of prayer.
At every rung we are accompanied
and tested by angels
whose wings carry our words
and aspirations
to the higher chambers.

Source: Parshat VaYeizei – ויצא