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Kislev – כִּסְלֵו @ Sefer Yetzira

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The Tribe associated with Kislev is Benjamin

The name: Benjamin בנימין in the חשן – Kho-shen
the Breastplate of the High Priest was incised
on the ישפה Yashpeh, or jasper,
which was multicolored.
The banner of Benjamin in the desert travels
showed a wolf,
preying on its spoil, emanating ferocity,
according to the Blessing of Jacob to the Tribes
in Parshat Vayechi:

Benjamin is a fierce wolf בנימין זאב יטרף
(Genesis 49:27)

In addition the Tribe was known to be
skilled in archery, which relates to
Zodiac sign or מזל of the month:
Sagittarius or Keshet קשת
(the archer’s bow and also a rainbow)
which will be discussed below.

Wheras Moshe`s blessing to the Tribe
in Parshat VeZot HaBracha
relates to the Tribe’s future location
(actually a small protrusion
into the boundry of Judah)
upon which the Holy Temple
in Jerusalem would stand
and of course connects
with the miracle of the Lights of Chanuka
and the service of the Temple, which
is celebrated this month.

לְבִנְיָמִן אָמַר יְדִיד י-ה-ו-ה יִשְׁכֹּן לָבֶטַח עָלָיו
חֹפֵף עָלָיו כָּל הַיּוֹם וּבֵין כְּתֵפָיו שָׁכֵן

About Benjamin he said:
May God’s beloved
dwell securely with Him
(in the Bait HaMikdash).
May the Divine Presense cover
(and protect) him forever
and dwell among the high places.

In the painting above the gestalts
of all the ideas may be discerned,
as well as in the video art version below.

Source: Kislev – כִּסְלֵו @ Sefer Yetzira


Author: Dov Lederberg

Dov Lederberg grew up in the Philadelphia area (Central HS 211) and began his involvement in the arts at Haverford College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Fine Arts, concentrating on the experimental film and became an active film-maker within The New American Underground. In the late Sixties Dov studied in yeshivas in NYC and Israel. Between 1970 and 1994 he worked as an independent film director, mainly for Israel Television, making documentary and educational films. Since 1983 Dov has been deeply involved in using new art mediums and techniques to express the subtle ideas of Jewish mystical teachings and meditation. His current work is involved with kabbalah mandalas and visual paradigms for dialogue, triptychs and wax congealings, polymer emulsions, essentially creating an evocative 'gestalt' which invites the viewer's active interaction and interpretation. His paintings and video art are exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States and Israel. Dov lives in Tzfat (Safed) Israel but makes frequent trips abroad for exhibitions and lectures. Only a small number of Dov's numerous works are exhibited in this site, the public is invited to view his expanded site at and if there is an interest in a purchase, please contact the artist via email.

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