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Rosh HaShanah

The Messianic Shofar .

Source: Rosh HaShanah


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Parshat Ki Teizei – כי תצא

Going out to battle
שעת צלותא שעת קרבא
The Zohar teaches us that the time of prayer
is the time for battle. (Deut 21: 10)
Source: Parshat Ki Teizei – כי תצא

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Parshat Shoftim — שופטים

   שֹׁפְטִים וְשֹׁטְרִים תִּתֶּן לְךָ בְּכָל שְׁעָרֶיךָ Judges and Police should be placed by you at your gates. (Deut 16:18)

Source: Parshat Shoftim — שופטים