Judaism does not view sexual relations in the proper context as something dirty or sinful, but as an experience with the potential for expanded consciousness and even the possibility for mystical revelation.
This is implied in the midrashic interpretation of the Song of Songs and throughout the Zohar, which likens the relation of G-d to his faithful to that of groom and bride, a man and his wife.
There is a problem for me as an observant (and possibly observing) Jew to visualize this metaphor on canvas, but I am helped by the possibilities of abstract and gestalt art which can elevate the so-called “animal act” into something more sublime and even transcendental.
Dealing with this attempt is a selection from my various paintings, especially from the Dialogue series,
the Congealings series ,
the Triptych series
and the Songs series
which can be surfed by those who would like to see additional examples.